“You win some, you lose some”

Eshole Protocol was a success, the selected degens got to Eshole in time to save Dr Cooper. However, some of the degens got burned and was consumed by Uniphulrene when Space Shuttle (Anal Beads: AB) landed back on Earth.

One degen named Mike was…

Incoming unknown transmission…

Murphy? Is that you? — Murphy (From the year 2200)

Asphera X’s team — Murphy and her group of researchers (devs) found something just right outside of Earth’s atmosphere. A huge wormhole called ( Eshole: short for EthersHole also known as Asshole ).

Mission Brief

Gathering degens around the world takes time and effort. The Uniphulrene(UnPh) created two kinds of humans, the Degens and the Pajeets.

To get to where Asphera X’s Headquarters, many of these pajeets will try to stop you Degens.

To help, Asphera X will be sending 1 Token to…

“Beyond the Horizon”

Earth’s future is slowly diming into darkness, slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. To add to this, Earth was hit with a Meteoroid(Uniphulrene) causing humankind to develop into degens.

Here at Asphera X, Murphy and her group of researchers(Devs) have discovered a solution to save humankind. To save humankind, the only way is to create space shuttles to explore a better Earth.

Introducing the master plan to save all mankind.

Asphera X

Mission 1 : Gathering Degens
Presale — TBA
Listing — TBA

“Beyond the horizon, Looking for a better future”

Asphera X

💬Telegram: https://t.me/AspheraX

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